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What is the investment process?

Initially we’ll set up a face to face meeting, at no cost to you, in order to talk through your particular needs and expectations in complete confidence.

This allows us to create an overview of your individual situation and establish whether there is a fit between the services you require and what we are able to deliver.

We’ll discuss with you investment risks you may be prepared to take and we’ll look at your capacity for loss. We’ll use a risk profiling tool to look at your overall risk profile and send you the results just a few days later. Again this is at no cost to you.

When you are ready we’ll arrange a second meeting to answer any further questions that may have subsequently arisen regarding our services and associated costs. If you decide at this point that you would like us to work on your behalf, we will use this second meeting to agree the finer points, finalise and sign the necessary paperwork.

Once you are happy to proceed we will look at your circumstances in detail. This is often called a Factfind. If you do not know the answers to all of the questions raised at the factfind it’s not a problem as we can fill in any gaps later via phone or email. The facts are important, but so are your thoughts, attitudes and feelings.

This is when the hard work really starts for us. We look at your assets, where you are now and we work out asset allocations and cash flows for your future as well as the different ways you can reach your goals. We do a great deal of research whilst carefully considering all the different solutions in the market. That means examining on your behalf all the different product offerings and fund managers.

We then put everything together for you in a clear and concise report making recommendations based on your circumstances and needs.

Being independent and paid a fee means that we have no axe to grind, no bias to a particular way of doing things. We give you the advice, but you stay in the driving seat, in control, making decisions when you are ready.

Once we have reached agreement on what actions need to be taken, we will implement any necessary actions. The cost of implementation is normally included in our ongoing service agreement with you.

Depending on what service level you have agreed we will then review your circumstances and plans on a regular basis.

We are interested in the long term. Looking after you now and into your future.

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Complaints: If you should be unhappy with our service we have a complaints procedure, details of which are available here